Monday, April 7, 2008

blasted broccoli

Hold onto your belt! I sort of fibbed when I mentioned that I'd ordered another cookbook; The Best American Recipes. I didn't order 1 I ordered 5. What was I thinking? I now know not to order anything at midnight, wait until the next day, you may be saner. They were cheap; $1.99-$7.00 but with shipping from 3 different used bookstores it was $35.00 worth of waistline madness. I can justify it only if I try ALOT of recipes in the next little while; and if I stick to the salads and chicken recipes.
I was surprised to find our all-time favorite recipe in the issue 2001-2002; 'blasted broccoli' we have that about 2 times a week and I'd forgotten where I'd gotten the recipe. We all love broccoli fixed this way. I've adapted the recipe over the years and simply do this;

preheat oven to broil, move rack to highest position
put broccoli florets on cookie sheet
broil until the tips are brown, almost 10 minutes
the boys add salt
I add salt and balsamic vinegar
Roger adds 'no salt', pepper and balsamic vinegar

the original has you salt it and olive oil it before cooking.

Yesterday I made a 'pepper salad' actually I would call it a side dish, but they called it a salad.

Pepper Salad
cut a pepper in half (I used red, yellow and gold bell peppers)
clean it out, add a couple of slices of garlic, a wedge of tomato, diced anchovies, some olive oil, tiny pat of butter, salt and pepper. bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
Very easy, very good.
And yes I put the anchovies in, I actually had some leftover from another recipe and that's why I decided to try this one; to make my refrigerator an anchovy-free zone once again.


Ms. Porter said...

You and I cook the same way I think...I think of your recipes sound so good. Hey, I was shopping across the border (I'm Canadian as you may recall!) and saw Russell Stover chocolates (that's the brand right?) I checked to see if there were any mint chocolate but there weren't any. I MUST MUST MUST send you the pictures of the girls I promised.

Liz said...

Do you like anchovies? Do the boys and dad?