Saturday, March 8, 2008

grandbaby #3

I get to go to Idaho 16 days early (You know who is happy about that!) to see my new grand baby, Carter, born at noon TODAY. The mommy is doing fine but is very tired. She woke up this morning at 3 AM 'cause it was time to have her baby; I talked to her at 9PM and she had not slept yet.

So I really wish I had finished his quilt last week.

I saved my husband's t-shirts from the thrift store because my daughter-in-law is trying not to use any plastic bags. and I had seen what was done here. I decided not to make them until I came back from Idaho since they were moving 3 days before I go there so I wouldn't see them and would have to mail them anyway. Now, however, I will see them so I should get busy and make hers and save me the $9 it would cost to mail them.

I'll get to hug my other grandson's when I go instead of waiting for August when we will drive to Amarillo, TX where they are moving to.


Ms. Porter said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful news.

PS-made the cocoa applesauce cake (sorry this isn't the name of your recipe but i don't want to navigate back to find it), and it was a hit. it's not too sweet, and so moist....and really, really easy...even for me, the none baker (i actually thought i did something wrong because it was so easy). thanks for sharing that recipe

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

What exciting, wonderful news!! So happy for you all!!