Sunday, January 27, 2008

mars rover

Since even my daughter won't read my blog if there are no pictures I saw no point in blogging about the soggy, cloudy, bad picture taking weather.
This is what we did Saturday. This is a solar power generated Mars rover, made by Andrew (10) and a friend at school. The gear box was added Saturday morning to get it to work. (I had committed to cooking 2 casseroles and 2 cakes for a women's conference so I did not get to attend the competition.) The competition is put on by the University of Houston to recruit people to attend their campus. They got to see some cool stuff on the tour of the campus. Jeffrey touched liquid nitrogen!


Liz said...

cool rover bro.

Angela said...

Cool stuff Andrew! But yeah, reed won't read if there aren't pictures either. I do all the time, but even on my blog, Reed glances for pictures only! Have fun!