Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year

Happy New Year. It would be nice if I was all organized and these pictures represented each of my goals this year... They don't. Just some random things I pulled together. I've been talking to my boys about goals and encouraging them to choose at least 3. One spiritual in nature, one academic and one for fun. So I ought to do the same.
Spiritual; Read the Sunday lessons ahead of time
Academic?I'm thinking of doing a class-maybe Genealogy
Fun. Finish a Christmas quilt for next year
Our family started reading the New Testament last year. It was our 9 year olds idea. We read Revelations first and now we are in Hebrews. I thought we would finish while on vacation. Think of all the time we could have read in those 60 hours in the car. Didn't happen but we should finish in 2 weeks? We read 1 column each, each day. Then we'll start on different scriptures.

This is Jeffrey making a record of his stuff. I wanted to be fairly close for the picture, he wanted his shoes in it, so he did this contortionist thing. I was laughing so hard it was hard to get a picture.
Back in October when I started knitting again. I remembered, vaguely, knitting a diagonal knit dishrag. After hunting through a few old Threads magazine (that I remembered using before), I knit this; THE WORLD'S UGLIEST DISHRAG. This is a flat as it gets. I think I need to use patterns for a few more years.
Do you recognize these, frogs? They were all the rage in Virginia when we lived there in 1996. So what do I do with these now? I have sent 2 large trash bags of stuffed toys to Goodwill and 3 filled with other toys. I had 2 big cupboards and a box filled with toys. The big box is empty but I'm determined to reduce the toys down to one cupboard. (Actually there are several bins on top of the cupboards and some in the attic that I am not touching during this cleaning spree.) I have a stack of puzzles but I'm tempted to do a 'give away' with one of the wood number puzzles. What do you think?


Angela said...

I'll pay the $9 shipping if you stuff as many wood puzzles into a flat rate box as possible! OR we could just trade shipping, etc on what I end up sending back to you. No worries!

Mel said...

Jeffrey.... just take the shoe off!!

I like wood puzzles too.. but don't need them just yet...