Sunday, January 27, 2008

red and white

Yesterday afternoon was the first time we'd seen the sun in a week and my husband was off with the camera and the kids. Today almost slipped away before I talked my boys into climbing onto the roof and holding these quilts for me.
This is an Evening Star and Puss in the Corner Red and White Exchange from March1993. I finished it in December 1995. I love having red and white quilts to decorate my home at Christmas and Valentine's and then I pull them out again near the Fourth of July. This is one of my Mother's favorites; she loved it enough to make her own adaptation of it. Mom's is bigger and better; I wish I had a photo to show.

The 'White' quilt is another exchange; one I finished in 1995 while pregnant and nursing a broken foot.

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Angela said...

I think its hilarious that you have the boys get on the roof for quilt pictures! Understandable but still funny! I love the heart blanket. So nice!