Monday, December 10, 2007

what do the boy's want?

My oldest, at home now, was so excited when he got his new schedule for school. It included Algebra-2 years ahead of the 'normal' kids, advanced Science (and that means more fun (time-consuming) projects), Language Arts-advanced, Social Studies-advanced, computer technology, and Band (which requires practising every day). He also takes piano and is active in scouts. He still thinks his classes are great, I think they are too much. He has had a couple migraines since Thanksgiving which may be due to stress, although I doubt it. The Dr. said to spend some time de-stressing, relax, watch tv, listen to music. So when do we schedule that? He WAS a big reader but has had no time to read since school started. He loves his algebra class and understands the material but has a difficult time turning in every assignment on time. His new strategy is to do what he can until 8:30 go to bed by 9 and get up at 4:30 to finish! His brain is rested and he works better. There is plenty of time in the day to do what he needs to but he has a HARD time focusing on 1 thing. He keeps interrupting himself to talk about unrelated things. He finally finished his Science fair project this morning and got to school on time! I kept picking up my knitting and keeping my mouth shut, I was determined to do the bare minimum to help. I did open a bag of m&m's that he could have 2 of every time he glued a piece of paper down then let him pace himself.

We talked about Christmas a bit with the younger one but tried to do it where Jeffrey wouldn't be distracted and since the computer was needed for 'THESCIENCEFAIRPROJECT' no one else had keyboard time until close to midnight.
So there's my 'short' ;-P version as to why the boy's haven't posted their Christmas list yet. Tonight there will be time!


Angela said...

Ok, ok, I guess that is a good enough reason! Thanks though, as long as I can hope it will come and I don't have to stress I'm happy!

Mel said...

Hmmmm this post sounds rather familiar, didn't you think my schedule was too much for me too? Good Luck Brother!