Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have just a bit more time before I start packing again. Here's a few more photos. The first collection of brass is resting in a bed of rock salt. NOT a good idea for someone with small children or someone that wishes the 'snow' to remain untouched. I constantly found small Lego men perched on the candle stick edges needing rescue from other Lego men. I thought it fun but haven't used the salt since.
The wood nativity is our favorite. My sister cut it out and gave it to me for Christmas years ago. She copied it from a magazine cover; The Friend.' I painted most of it although the sheep and cattle were painted with my children in Family Home Evening. (Don't you love the red and white quilt hanging behind it? It was an exchange I did many years ago.)
The last photo is of our traditional Christmas day supper. I try to fix a meal that Joseph may have fixed Mary that first Christmas night; pita bread, hummus, olives, grapes, goat cheese, white fish (Tilapia usually) fried with garlic and olive oil, grape juice to drink. We eat by candle light. It has the added bonus of being easy to prepare and easy to clean up. I started this tradition after my older 4 left home (and I think my older kids think it is a little weird) but I like it. I hope it reminds us of why we celebrate Christmas.

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Angela said...

Yes we do. Maybe because we had it the first year and you'd not perfected it. We've used it as conversation starters many times. I joked to Reed we could do that with you here and he quickly vetoed it! :-)