Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have been trying for about 2 weeks to touch my son's face. specifically his upper lip. His voice changed completely in the last 4 months and now I see there is a bit of soft fuzz on his lip. I think it will be soft for a little while yet and so I keep trying to touch it; he keeps grinning and ducking away. I threaten to touch it while he sleeps. He grins and says, 'no way.' so I thought of one advantage to being in the itty bitty car for 6 DAYS; there will be less room to duck and I may be successful.
During the summer he wore size 10 pants, now he's into 14's. Luckily he doesn't mind shopping at the thrift store and bought himself 3 pairs of pants, a jacket, and 3 shirts for $22 a week ago. There are advantages to living here; the kids around us have too much and we benefit since the clothes at the thrift store usually look brand new.
I feel in love with the feel of a bright red cashmere sweater ($2) last week and although it is riddled with holes I bought it anyway. After washing it once it is even softer and more beautiful, but the holes are still there. I thought I might make a hat out of it; maybe I should make an old-fashioned muff so I can feel the stuff. Actually a pillow might be the best touchable item to make, maybe with silk embroidery on the holes. However nothing will be done before the holidays.

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