Sunday, December 30, 2007

home again! yeah!

We had a fabulous trip, lots of changes in plans but no injuries or major problems. We saw a lot of family. LIZ graduating was the highlight. Seeing the grandbabies another. Seeing our son being such a great, loving Daddy another. (Seems a little backhanded; complimenting my son seems a little like; Wow, We must have been GOOD parents to have a kid turn out so well!) Angela and Ryan are such great additions to our family and now that they have been initiated by playing 'black magic' with us, they are truly part of the family! ;)
(I've tried to download some pictures but have been unable to. Maybe tomorrow.)
Supper tonight was crackers, lunchmeat, and cream cheese. I think I'll have to replenish the refrigerator tomorrow. Hey, I made the kids eat 4 carrots today and they had a whole box of fruit roll-ups, got them an ice-cream cone for breakfast, and I bought them chocolate milk! (Which unfortunately was sour and we were way past the store when we found out.) They ate a bunch of junk too. (We also had granola bars for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.)
I asked them about vacation and one of their highlights was that they were allowed to eat CANDY. (I really am one of those controlling parents and don't allow much candy normally.)


Nan said...

Happy New year. Stop by my blog. I'm having a party for a friend of yours.

bj said...

Hi, glad you are home safe and sound. Have a wonderful new year and thanks so much for coming to my blog party~
Hugs, bj