Tuesday, December 4, 2007

blue and white quilts

Last year at this time I was frantically working towards a wedding. My daughter wanted blue and white wedding; not a blue and white Christmas. With her wedding on December 27th it was a fine balancing act since the reception was at our home. I had one blue and white quilt, my first quilt, an Irish Chain. Then I borrowed 2 of my Mother's; one is an antique that her Mother, Polly made as a young woman. The other is 'Stars as Sea' that she made for one of her other grandchildren. (Incidentally it is what the bride wants me to make for her 'wedding quilt.' I have 4 more years to make it.)
This is my first 'decorator' tree. My Mother loaned me 72 crocheted snowflakes (I have about 30) and icicles that my sister beaded...I'll get a closeup photo of some of them soon. They are eclectic; she uses buttons, collected beads from old necklaces and other found items. We LOVED this tree; it made me want to do it every year. That would mean I'd have to do 2 trees because I have so many beautiful, memory filled other ornaments.


Liz said...

That tree was beautiful! I love the Storms at Sea.

Sabrena said...

it was beautiful...the tree was gorgeous!