Friday, December 21, 2007

back in idaho

We got to spend several hours in Provo Thursday. We left Fielding at about 6 a.m. and stayed in Provo until about 5. We read about the storms and decided to leave early. It took us 8 hours to do the normal 4 hour trip. We were in rain, sleet, and snow. I slipped and fell on one patch of ice so today My hip is hurting and it's hard to walk. Iit is already easier tonight so I will probably recover.
I helped Liz and Ryan choose fabric for a 'bag' for Liz to make. We cut it out using a pattern this afternoon after I met her grandparents-in-law. Very nice people and I got a great microwave peanut brittle recipe...... I'll try it out and post it here another day.


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