Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My sons are struggling to learn cursive writing. So I got myself a little notebook and declared a 'write to mom day'. The rules were simple; if you wanted anything of mother you had to write them down in cursive, and she answered in cursive AND it had to be in 2 sentences. For example, 'Mom, I'm bored. May I please have a popsicle?' I tried to answer in the affirmative ridiculous, for example, 'I love to have you write to me my most noble son. Certainly you may have a grape juice popsicle.' (It required a well stocked pantry /freezer also.) I would correct any letters they had trouble with but didn't insist they copy it over, I figured the next time they wanted a cookie or lunch or such it would be in front of them to copy. We had fun with it and although it never lasted a whole day they got some practise in reading and writing cursive.
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Amy said...

Great Tip! We have to start learning cursive soon and my kiddo still despising printing. I'll surely keep this idea in mind.

Laura said...

This is wonderful! I'm a teacher and have had to teach cursive before, so I feel your "pain"! I will tell you this.... cursive is often taught in many schools before the children are actually developmentally ready to learn cursive....so keep practicing, but go easy on those boys! :)

tonsofsons said...

I have given up on the cursive thing. My oldest boys despise it.

great idea ~