Saturday, November 3, 2007


I feel like my son did when he was asked to write about his favorite animal; ROADBLOCK! how can I choose one and offend all the other animals? So just because I chose to write about it first or not first doesn't mean I love one blessing more than another.

I am grateful for sonograms! I will be the grandmother of another baby boy in March and I LOVE knowing what color quilt to make, what kinds of things to get for this new baby. I've already collected a few baby things from the thrift store but the parents live in a one room apartment so I've been good and not mailed them. I'm grateful that they found such a cheap place to live but I'm grateful that it won't be for much longer.

I included a few pictures from 2007 Quilt Festival. I love autumn quilts so here's a good one, notice the gradations of color around the border. The other one was in fall colors, I've seen dahlia quilts that I didn't like at all but this one had some great colors and I loved it.

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