Tuesday, November 27, 2007

pink velour pillow

I finally got this pillow finished. I decide that none of the pink ball fringe in ANY (and I visited a great many) of the fabric stores in the Houston area matched the pink well enough to use. It is a very pale pink. So here it is with white. It has a 12" pillow form (also difficult to find!) but is a bit smaller than 12 inches. If all of the velour pillows take this long I won't be making very many. The fabric is difficult to sew. I LIKE COTTON! But I LOVE the way this feels. I keep picturing this on a young girls bed, (with the bed made!) and a child leaning against the pillows reading and stroking this pillow. By the way this pillow is for sale in my etsy shop.


amy said...

That's so pretty! And I bet it feels wonderful.

Mel said...

wow wow wow! That is so pretty!

bj said...

oooo, this is so pretty and i know it feels even better than it looks. you did a great job!