Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the giant slug

Somehow I found a bakery that makes povitica Polish Holiday Bread on line. It looked so good that I had to find a recipe for it or discover a long lost Polish ancestor. I found one on http://www.recipezaar.com/38043 and made it today. Mine looks like a giant slug. but it tastes terrific. Trouble was that I was already tired by the time I started rolling it out and I decided I didn't need to roll it out very thin (I rolled it to the limit of my clean counter). Then I tried to put all the filling in (then scooped half of it back out) then I had to find the coldest part of my kitchen (under the air-conditioning vent) to let it raise in since my homemade 'brown and serve' rolls were in line for the oven first. It raised a bit more than ideal and then it spilled onto the oven floor. Unfortunately I still need to fix dinner. (Thanksgiving isn't too much to handle if the family didn't think they should eat the 3 days prior to it. )
The turkey is brineing.
The rolls are made.
The sweet potatoes are baking.
The kitchen floor is waiting to get mopped from when I spilled a good portion of the apple cider brine on the floor!
The Christmas craft is getting finished tonight so we can set the table tomorrow morning.
And the boys and I dehydrated a bunch of yellow delicious apples for our loooong trip in December.

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