Monday, November 12, 2007

forbidden gardens

I think The Forbidden Gardens is one of the greatest tourist attractions I've been to. Since I will probably never get to China this is a great place to visit. The next time you come to visit us I will be taking you there. Have you heard of Emperor Qin? The first Emperor of China had 6,000+ terra cotta soldiers, each one different, made to protect him in the afterlife. Although Qin (pronounced Chin) lived 2,000 years ago his tomb was not discovered until 1974. It is an active archaeological dig and new information is still being found. Interestingly the Gardens have people from China come to visit since the tomb in China is difficult to get to see, due to government regulations, and it is easier to come to the United States to see the replica! I've been twice, although not this weekend. I sent Roger, my parents, and Andrew and stayed home to pick Jeffrey up from his Boy Scout meeting. :(
Mel, I tried to do a slide show but couldn't figure it you have to make due with my 2 snapshots.

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Liz said...

and you have never taken me! your own flesh and blood!