Sunday, November 18, 2007

chalkboard paint

Looking around blog land I learned something that I didn't even know I wanted to learn! I have seen and admired blackboard walls but could NOT see painting any wall black. You don't have to. Several people have come up with easy formulas for making any color paint into black board paint. Here's where I learned of it.
Here is a cool recipe for Lasagna . It gets fixed the night before with no boiling of regular noodles. It sits in the refrigerator overnight and is cooked the next day. I'm eager to try it.
Here is a cute i-pod cover that Melissa will want to make.
Here is an idea for all those pie bakers out there.
For those of you with out enough to do out there take your old t-shirts and while watching television cut, starting at the hem (cut the hem off) 1 long continuous 1/2-1 inch wide strip. Then crotchet that strip into a rug for your bathroom. I already hunt at thrift stores for great cheap 100% cotton plaid shirts, for use in the quilt of the future. Then I love shell buttons so I buy them. Then I collect wool for the braided rug I'm going to make... next decade. So do I need to add t-shirts? No!

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