Saturday, October 13, 2007


J. came home from school excited about his new uniform for band and put it all on(he even combed his hair).Then A. took this picture so his sisters could see him all dressed up. (He has tux pants and cummerbund also). You also see his new trumpet! Last year he actually played a cornet which is smaller than a trumpet.
Here is 'Frankie' a pattern I got at Quilt Festival 15? years ago. I cut out 2 and got 1 made. I like him although you can hardly call him handsome. The paper cutting is also not original and it was a pain to make. The original had more of the house showing. This sits with a jack-o-lantern on Grandma's sewing machine in the fron entry. (A. got to use the tri-pod to take this shot)

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Mel said...

Hey bro!! Lookin' sharp!