Wednesday, October 31, 2007

name placques

I love these mosaics my sister, Lynn, has made. She's going to add some mosaics to my Etsy shop soon. I love everything she has made so far. I can totally take credit for these. When I was making decorations for our first daughters wedding I did birdhouses for the center of the tables. A couple I mosaiced and talked to Lynn about it and we looked at web sites together and she took off with ideas and the artistic talent to pull them off.

One time I flew to Colorado with my suitcase full of broken dishes wrapped in my clothes. BAD idea! They broke more and I had shards mixed in with my clothes. Next time I'll wrap them in bags first.

Whenever a dish gets broken at our house we say, 'yeah! we can give these to Lynn and she'll make something wonderful out of it.'

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bj said...

These are just great. Thanks for sharing....