Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This is not 'cookie cutter' decorations. My favorite of my Halloween decorations. About 1981 I started having my kids paint a pumpkin for our yard. Ideally it would be a pumpkin every year for each kid...but I have 6 kids, you can count and realize that I didn't follow through every year. But we still have some mighty cute pumpkins. Maybe we'll do it this year... The one on the left my oldest son painted and drilled holes and cut out the face and then painted the inside edges of the cuts with yellow paint. My all time favorite is STILL the one on the bottom next to the cut-out one. The artist was about 4 and she hated it for years. the oranges are all different cause we mixed our own colors. The kids really liked being allowed to use my acrylic paints and then they got old enough to cut their own out using our scroll saw.Posted by Picasa


Mel said...

Hey mom.. Liz just posted about doing this... I think we should do this too. Such a cute idea. Have them out yet for this year?

Laurie said...

Yes, they are out, at least the ones that were loose in the garage...I still need to get the boxes open.