Wednesday, September 12, 2007

fifi's bed

I've just spent 2 hours recovering from my 2 hours at the gym this morning. Most of that 2 hours was spent sitting in my new computer chair, found at the local salvation cool is that? I also got to look at some blogs. I've been working on looking at all of the links posted on I've gotten to the L's. While at it I revisited and found a picture I saw 3 weeks ago and halfway remembered but couldn't find again...but a bit down her blog is a pink bedroom, that I think would work. I've been shopping for a headboard and after looking at the prices I think this shutter would work just fine. In fact I have a shutter already trying out the spot. While painting the laundry room we took the closet door off and put it above our bed....not my favorite look but with paint it'll work... and I'll sew a country curtain for the coat closet.
Can anyone tell me why the music I downloaded into the computer from my cd's sounds awful? Do I need a different sound card? I'm trying once again (I do this about every 13 years) to organize our cd's.

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