Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I just spent a fun hour looking at crazymomquilts blog where she posted all the quilts she had made the previous year. I decided to gather the pictures I have on my computer onto my blog but it may take me a while. I think the blue and yellow quilt is my best quilt ever and it belongs to my daughter and her husband. Made from Quakertown Quilts first Saturday blocks; yes, 13 twelve inch blocks really do make a very large quilt (a bit less than a king). Made for their wedding-but I give myself 5 years after the wedding before it is late and I think this was done in 2 1/2 years. The quilt behind me is a throw size but it deserves it's own photo---someday. There are several miniature quilts, even a Halloween quilt. but I love the trip around the world Christmas quilt.
This is a closeup of broccoli slaw (which I love) with craisins and a few nuts and mayo. Behind the salad is my small log cabin. It is hand quilted which I rarely do.
This is Tyler's quilt that I sell a pattern to and below is a closeup of the heavy machine quilting that I like to do.

This is the quilt my 17 year old daughter made before she went to college and was the inspiration for my son's wedding quilt- a queen size 2 ton jean quilt. I'll get a picture of it eventually.


amandajean said...

your quilts are beautiful! I especially love the red white and blue log cabin one with the star. your machine quilting is lovely.

Angela said...

I really like that denim quilt "wink, wink." They are all so pretty and you are completely and amazingly talented. I love all four quilts we have from you. And Tyler sleeps with I guess a fifth, Reed's old safari quilt and loves it. I don't know what I like more about them though: if it is the machine quilting or all the time and love put into piecing them...the saving and saving of little one inch wide pieces, sorting and putting them together and not ever going crazy as you figure out which shade of this or that you're going to put where.

Nancy said...

Okay so now I feel absolutely untalented. The quilts are all so beautiful and like you I especially loved the blue and white and yellow quilt. The pumpkin patch at night qult looks sort of familiar.... and I was wondering do you trade cleaning for quilting????

Absolutely stunning and beautiful quilts you have made.