Saturday, September 15, 2007

crazy mom

I just learned a new thing the kids can do to make mom crazy. Steal my chair, so that when I, very calmly mind you, NEED to sit in front of the computer the rug is pulled out from under me and I see that there is no, new just bought for in front of the computer, chair. And there is no chair in the room. Or in adjacent room. Whew! A. brought the chair back, he narrowly missed be maimed for taking my chair. (This is a new aspect of my personality that has hidden from me for 50 years-pain to the chair taker- who knew?) He took it into the family room so that he could spin in it and not hit another piece of furniture; he thought to avoid pain by doing so...
I was sitting down to tell y'all about my day spent in the kitchen yesterday. I had signed up to bring a side dish and a dessert to the H.P. Group social last night. I couldn't come up with a side dish so I went perusing through a couple cookbooks in the Stone library. I had a couple criteria, I wanted the dishes to be something R. would eat. I found my 'Best American Recipes 2005-2006' cookbook. I love that book, so far everything I've tried has been good. I made 2 salads; Greek Radish Salad and Alice Water's Coleslaw. I had thought I might include the recipe here, but then I worried about copyright I won't. the radish salad was good even though I don't like radishes, pairing the spiciness of the radish with the mellowness of feta cheese and the sweetness of pickled red onions was pretty good. Those that love radishes loved the salad. The coleslaw had no mayo and had cilantro, lime juice, and even a jalapeno, I actually put in 1/4 the pepper, but when I got home I put in more. I loved the coleslaw! But I love cilantro.
So all of you are wondering what I did for dessert, right? I needed a light dessert, not chocolate; since one of the women is allergic to chocolate. Again I surprise myself at how good it turned out. A package of raspberries mashed; folded into a container of Cool Whip Lite. Then spooned or piped into a shell. I bought 3 packages of phyllo tiny cups, then in half of them I put about a 1/4 teaspoon of melted white chocolate (leftover from Liz's wedding) very, very good. I had seen this done somewhere, without the chocolate and done with blackberries; finished with a fresh blackberry on top. (that's good, too, since I made a batch with blackberries but didn't have enough shells and really more would have been too many for our small group.) Guess what I'm eating for breakfast?

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