Saturday, August 25, 2007


So, I was convinced to try this. But I am sooo boring!

The picture is just to see if I could post one and sure enough it did not go where I thought it would. This is the hawwaiian quilt that I made of a friend in exchange for all my hair cuts, perms and coloring. Her husband is Hawaiian and his nephew was getting married. It is machine quilted.

I finally painted the ceiling of the laundry room this morning. Glidden has a cool paint that goes on pink but dries white so you can see easier where you have missed. I still missed many spots; I think it has something to do with bifocals and things not being quite in focus at certain angles. When did painting get so hard? Maybe at your 37th birthday painting jumps over to 'wow! this is hard work' from 'wow. this is so cool to cover this ugly ceiling.'

It's raining pretty hard here, so nice to not have to water.

R. went on a long bike ride this morning but now is getting our repaired lawnmower and edger, and taking in the leaf blower and should have taken in the chain saw, but figured we have no need of it so why fix it. I think he is considering hanging the mahagony nicknack shelf that I bought with my sewing money this summer. We can't figure out the best place for it. Centered over the couch? centered in the wall over the couch? rearrange the room?


Angela said...

Laurie's thought process, "Lets rearrange the room for this new small shelf! It will be fun!" Seriously I love how your mind works. Anyway I'm totally glad you have a blog. You should post a picture of a quilt with each post even if not quilt related. Eventually you could sell your quilt patterns this way. Shoot, we could sell them on ebay if you wanted... Anyway we love the pillow you sent and I'm super excited to see what you post next! You are awesome!

Mel said...

Wow, there is a bed in the playroom? You better post pictures of your house... I have no clue where anything is anymore...

So, I think the playroom looks really cute from the angle of this picture, I especially like the heart box in the background.