Friday, July 10, 2009

My first quilts...

There's a quilt parade going on...
Here is my 'almost first' quilt;
This, ladies and gentlemen is Reed's baby quilt (he's my second child-and is now 29!). I made a similar one with a brown teddy bear on pink gingham for the oldest but I think I gave it to it's owner without photographing it. The turtle and the teddy bear were designed with a front and a back to be sewn together and stuffed for a toy. (I might still have the back pieces around here.) The turtle looked the same on the back; the bear's back was just brown printed fur. It was 'tied' while it was embroidered with large stitches and yarn. It was a fad in 1978 in Utah and since we moved away that year I've never seen another even similar.
I posted this morning (before reading about the first and last quilt parade) and posted what I claimed to be my 2 quilt. I had forgotten these existed but found it while browsing through my pictures looking for my other 'first' quilt.
My last finished quilt: I blogged about it here. It was an exchange I organized before Andrew was born 12 years ago... I finished it in May.
I have to post the quilt I was looking for; the one that I think of as my first, a different 'Trip Around the World.' It was my first pieced quilt. It is Melissa's quilt; originally it was tied with pearl cotton but gradually they came untied and I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine. I put a 'fatt batt' and a regular batt in this. I think I was slightly insane; we were living in Baytown, TX! It was too hot to sleep under and too big/heavy to wash in the washing machine. It still got used in the winters and it is very faded. Melissa was about 4 when I made it, she is now ... well she's older than Reed.

So it you want to see other's first and last quilts go over to Simplify and check them out.

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heather said...

I love trip around the world quilts. Yours look great.